Information About Alpine Lily

Information About Alpine Lily

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Nomocharis Lily Care: How To Grow Chinese Alpine Lilies

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

While common lily types, such as Asiatic and oriental, are easy to find online and in plant nurseries, more rare families of these plants may be difficult to locate – like the alpine lily, which is especially prized by devout flower growers. Learn more about these plants here.

Planting lily of the Nile

Season for planting lily of the Nile

For regions with rather cool winters, plant your lily of the Nile in spring, for them to harden before the first winter.

Elsewhere, for mild-wintered climates, lily of the Nile can be planted in fall.

If you have purchased your Agapanthus in pots, you can plant them all year round, except during frost and heat spells.

Best place for Lily of the Nile

If you live in a region where winter freezes a lot, grow your plants in in pots to be able to protect your Lily of the Nile from freezing cold.

  • Lily of the Nile can cope with short, mild frost but cannot survive harsh winters.
  • Full sun exposure is needed to produce beautiful flowers.

How to plant Lily of the Nile

Lily of the Nile rhizomes must not be planted in too deep a hole.

  • Dig a hole as deep as the rhizome is thick, adding about an inch (a couple centimeters).
  • Cover the rhizome without pressing the soil down too much.
  • Adding compost upon planting will enhance growth and bloom of your lilies of the Nile

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